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Compact yet equipped with essentials

By Philips Monitors, 28 Apr 2020.

In today's tech market, where computer monitors are getting bigger, a 22-inch display may be considered to be on the smaller side. However, it remains among the most popular sizes...

Philips monitors solutions to stay productive at home

By Philips Monitors, 15 Apr 2020.

Increase in home office arrangements call for re-evaluation of technology designed for entertainment and work use. Technology has long served society in times of success and growth by providing new...

Choosing a display monitor for the household

By Philips Monitors, 16 Jan 2020.

Like all household electronics, display monitors are an essential and considerable investment for the modern family. Since family computers are expected to perform for work and casual use, like web...

12 Smart Innovations of Philips Monitors

By Philips Monitors, 27 Sep 2017.

From SmartContrast to SmartImage, SmartControl, SmartConnect, SmartUniformity and SmartErgoBase, these are just a handful of smart features that are offered by new Philips Monitors. Straightforward as these terms are, do...

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