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Philips 21:9 Displays Deliver ‘Work and Play in One’

By Philips Monitors, 27 Sep 2020.

Enhanced productivity and entertainment. Philips’ history of innovation and evolution has empowered the creation of displays that offer smart innovations, vivid imagery, and timeless style. Moreover, Philips understands the importance...

Say What? A 40-inch Desktop Monitor?

By Philips Monitors, 06 May 2017.

The monitor has long graduated from being a mere visual interface for computer users for simple tasks such as web browsing and word processing. As we spend more and more...

5 Things You May Not Know About BDM4037UW

By Philips Monitors, 26 Apr 2017.

With an ultra slim profile, you wouldn't expect the Philips BDM4037UW to weigh 11.6kg, yet it does. [caption id="attachment_772" align="aligncenter" width="618"] BDM4037UW displays vibrant colors.[/caption] This expansive 40in monster of...

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