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Philips unveils the secure viewing monitor privacy mode

By Philips Monitors, 07 Jul 2020.

Swap between 178- and 90-degree viewing angles with one button. Philips Monitors’ has unveiled its latest B-line model, the 242B1V, which is designed to deliver productivity and security above the...

Guide to Assemble UltraWide Curved Series Monitor

By Philips Monitors, 24 Jun 2020.

Assembling a new display may sound like a tough task. Not to worry! Read this simple guide if you have a new UltraWide curved series monitor. Understanding these Dos and...

Guide to Assemble Flat Series Monitor

By Philips Monitors, 24 Jun 2020.

If you've got a brand new Philips flat series monitor, congratulations! You have made a great choice. But first, here is a guide to setting it up the correct way,...

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