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Delivering On The Promise of a Greener Tomorrow – TODAY

By Philips Monitors, 28 Apr 2021.

Philips Monitors step up the pressure on the industry with innovative, ecologically-friendly technologies and fully recyclable packaging. Today’s eco-savvy consumers are fully aware of the impact even our smallest habits...

MMD Launches the Philips 241B7QGJEB Monitor: The World’s Greenest Monitor Maximizes Professional Productivity While Safeguarding the Environment

By Philips Monitors, 21 Apr 2021.

MMD, the leading display specialist and brand license partner for Philips Monitors, announces the imminent release of the Philips 241B7QGJEB Full HD monitor. This 24" (23.8”) LCD monitor is the...

Have You Signed Up For Virtual Intel Partner Connect?

By Philips Monitors, 20 Apr 2021.

We at Philips Monitors are ready to welcome you to the Virtual Intel Partner Connect that is happening on 21st April, 2021 (Wednesday), from 12:30 until 18:00 (GMT+8). Hosted online...

Philips Monitors Virtual Intel Partner Connect

By Philips Monitors, 14 Apr 2021.

Philips Monitors is participating in the Virtual Intel Partner Connect event, that is being hosted online on 21st April, 2021, from 12:30 until 18:00 (GMT+8). Virtual Intel Partner Connect is...

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