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Sophisticated simplicity

By Philips Monitors, 15 Jan 2020.

Technological sophistication should encompass high performance that exceeds expectations, innovations that offer convenience and high-end design that appeals to all. But most importantly, it should also be simple, i.e. easy to understand and use.

Our 276C8 monitor is a Red Dot Design award winner that combines the standout visuals of Crystalclear QHD, IPS LED, Ultra Wide-Color and High Dynamic Range; a sleek and clean setup that exudes the minimalist aesthetic and impressive features that offer true performance and convenience.

Images truly shine on the 276C8, thanks to CrystalClear QHD, IPS LED, Ultra Wide-Color and HDR.

Standout visuals

The image quality of what you see on the screen should be able to live up to the content displayed. In fact, at Philips, we believe that the visual experience should engage your senses and inspire your emotions. The 276C8 is a Crystalclear QHD monitor with a 2560 x1440 resolution to offer sharp, standout visuals.

This is further amplified by IPS LED wide-view technology that provides image and color accuracy. And for even more astonishing details, this monitor is equipped with Ultra Wide-Color for a wider spectrum of colors and a more brilliant picture. Meanwhile, High Dynamic Range (HDR) ensures this monitor delivers more lifelike visuals.

Gaming is outstanding thanks to AMD FreeSync™.

True performance and convenience

Besides superb picture quality, this model is also packed with high-performance features to offer you convenience. If you love gaming, you’ll love this monitor’s  AMD FreeSync™, which gets rid of choppy, broken frames, leaving your game super smooth, more fun and utterly effortless.

Another standout feature in this monitor is its USB-C connection, which easily connects to your notebook through a slim, reversible cable. It will even power up and re-charge your notebook in one go, saving you time and effort.

Being UltraSlim with a Zero Bezel and a sleek base that hides connections, this Red Dot award winner is the epitome of minimalistic style.

Superb design

One of the main highlights of this model, is its minimalist aesthetic, which simple looks great on work desks and in living spaces. The UltraSlim profile offers a stylish look while living up to its name, as it is impossibly thin!

Besides its Zero Bezel, which provides a full picture and seamless look, this model also gives you a sleek and clean setup as its geometric base hides all ports and the USB-C connection. With so much consideration given to its timeless look, it is no wonder the  276C8 bagged the Red Dot Design 2018 award for design.

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