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Philips Unveils the Secure Viewing Monitor Privacy Mode

By Philips Monitors, 07 Jul 2020.

Swap between 178- and 90-degree viewing angles with one button.

Philips Monitors’ has unveiled its latest B-line model, the 242B1V, which is designed to deliver productivity and security above the norm. With an easy switchable privacy mode, users can enjoy screen privacy and freedom from “visual hacking” without needing screen protectors.

Secure viewing with privacy mode

Businesses everywhere place great value on information privacy – and this is especially important in sectors like banking, law, data analysis and security.

By the default, the screen offers a wide 178-degree viewing angle. But Philips Privacy Mode, with the press of one button, ensures the screen is barely visible from any side angle, but still crystal clear when viewed directly from the middle (90-degree angle) instead. Bankers can manage their transactions, academics can analyze confidential survey responses in a study, and lawyers can look through high-stakes legal cases with more peace of mind and focus.

Hacking devices and protections are in a constant battle to outdo each other. But one form of hacking, visual hacking – people spying on your screen directly – remains a pervasive threat to many. It is low-tech, but hard to prevent in open spaces, such as in open offices or co-working spaces, or in big organizations with people around. The risks from data leakage is immense – companies can lose massive amounts of credibility all at once, and sensitive data about individuals being leaked can lead to real life harm coming to people.

More convenient than external solutions

Philips Privacy Mode also distinguishes itself from standard displays due to not requiring any external devices. This is more convenient in several ways.

Firstly, there is no need to make any extra purchases. External screen privacy solutions (like viewing angle filters or screen borders) will not only have to be bought separately, which adds a time and financial cost, but also need more time to active or deactivate. They can also be misplaced by accident. Performance issues are also of concern, with some screen filters also dimming the screen too much for the user. Moreover, different solutions come in different sizes or aspect ratios, making it a hassle to find an ideal fit. Philips’ built-in solution means pressing one button sorts everything out – easy and secure.

Excellent eco-friendly performance

When privacy mode is turned off, the IPS panel offers high color accuracy and wide viewing angles. Visually, the screen delivers high performance with SmartImage for optimized image settings, and crisp motion with Adaptive-Sync technology.

Energy efficiency is both socially responsible and financially efficient – LightSensor auto-adjusts brightness based on room lighting to prevent excess energy use, and PowerSensor saves up to 70% in energy costs by dimming the screen if it senses the user is away from their keyboard.

Other features

• Flicker-Free reduces eye tension and fatigue by eliminating screen flicker.
• LowBlue Mode filters out harmful shortwave blue light without compromising color accuracy.
• EasyRead mode offers a paper-like reading experience for enhanced productivity – perfect for reading all kinds of reports, academic papers and more.
• SmartErgoBase empowers users to adjust their monitor angle in various ways for maximum comfort.
• Built-in stereo speakers gives the screen sound support without the need to buy external devices or wiring.
• PowerSensor uses infrared technology to detect when the user is away for the screen and dim the screen accordingly to reduce power consumption by up to 70% – perfect for environmentally responsible businesses and power savings.

Philips privacy mode is designed for convenience and security. For business owners and committed professionals, protecting information is a serious issue. Philips will remain committed to designing products with features that people care about.