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Philips unveils new series of QHD and WQHD 21:9 monitors

By Philips Monitors, 26 Mar 2020.

Making higher resolution displays increasingly accessible for all.

Philips, a leading innovator in the technology space, has released its latest Quad HD (QHD, 2560 x 1440 pixels) and Wide Quad HD (WQHD,3440 x 1440 pixels) monitor series for the Asia Pacific region. These displays are designed to offer enhanced productivity, entertainment and convenience in one.

Increased space, higher standards, better viewing

In an age of increasing demand for quality, QHD and WQHD resolution displays and, in some cases curved designs, are increasingly becoming a norm. 21:9 displays in particular (in the WQHD models) have the advantage of offering a wider effective screen area without requiring a taller monitor, making it especially convenient for certain desk setups (i.e. a 34” wide screen at 21:9 enjoys the same height as a standard 27” wide screen, but can display 30% more content).

Users can enjoy increased work productivity with more space to use on screen; a wider panoramic view for more immersion with video content and PC games alike; convenient multitasking with screen space to run multiple applications at once, and more. From a visual quality perspective, QHD and WQHD resolutions also deliver more picture clarity and detail than the industry standard Full HD.

Philips’ QHD and WQHD displays also come with a wide array of signature user-friendly features.

Comforting viewing experience

Ultra Wide-Color delivers a wider spectrum of colors for a more brilliant picture – bringing particular value to movie enthusiasts, designers, video editors and anyone who will appreciate the richer palette. Low Blue Mode goes further by protecting the eyes from harmful shortwave blue light without any loss of color accuracy. Other features like SmartImage Game zero-bezel design bring further comfort to the visual experience.

From a convenience standpoint, SmartErgo Base allows customization of the screen’s position for maximum comfort in any home or office environment. PowerSensor automatically senses if a person is away from the monitor, providing the double benefit of reduced power costs but also lower environmental impact with no additional action required from the user.

Productivity enhancement at its finest

The monitor is also equipped to enhance productivity in multiple ways for those who need it. MultiView technology provides a world of connectivity by enabling active dual connect and more; users can have multiple display feeds coming from different systems all centralized on one screen, meaning it is no longer necessary to purchase multiple monitors to get more complex things done.

USB-C Docking empowers users to feed their laptop’s visual to the monitor, while also charging the laptop at the same time. This provides users a hassle-free experience due to instant setup with no additional accessories or peripherals required outside of a single USB cable – especially valuable for the modern professional who is often on the move between the office and client meetings.

MultiClient Integrated KVM Switch allows control of two separate PCs using one set of peripherals (monitor, keyboard, mouse) with the convenient switch of a button.This saves valuable time (don’t have to keep moving wires around) and money(don’t need to purchase extra peripherals).

Delivering innovation that matters to people

The new display series is positioned to serve a wide array of user profiles – from home cinema enthusiasts who benefit from wide screens to specialist professionals of many trades (, security, design) who need the additional screen space – and represents Philips monitors’ commitment to constant innovation and evolution of the visual experience for all.

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