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Philips First to Market a Monitor with Thunderbolt™ 4 Support

By Philips Monitors, 18 Feb 2021.

In a coup for Philips, its monitor line-up is first out of the gate with a display for the very latest laptops equipped with Thunderbolt™ 4 – launching the new 27-inch 279P2MRX mini-LED backlight monitor.

The recent announcement of the new MacBook Pro and MacBook Air raised again, for many users, the question of an optimal connection to a display. Both of the new Macs support Thunderbolt™ 4 ports, each delivering a whopping 40Gbps of throughput. Nevertheless, the question remains: where can Mac enthusiasts find a display that supports Thunderbolt™ 4? The answer is the 27-inch 279P2MRX mini-LED backlight monitor from Philips, the first contender in the global monitor marketplace with Thunderbolt™ 4 support.

Delivering high performance & high versatility

Users of the 279P2MRX also gain all the advantages of mini-LED backlighting. The technology uses very small LED light sources, although these are numbered in the tens of thousands. This means mini-LED backlighting supports very precise local dimming for enhanced color reproduction and dramatic contrast. In the case of Philips’ breakthrough 279P2MRX, 4K (3840 x 2160) resolution combined with certified HDR1400 technology results in brilliant video rendering, which is also supported by the wide viewing angles of its IPS panel. As a result, 279P2MRX is a monitor suitable for high-end 4K video entertainment and gaming, but with a versatility that also supports office tasks and creative projects in graphic design and game development.

Connect two monitors!

The 279P2MRX from Philips has both Thunderbolt in and Thunderbolt out ports, allowing it the full benefits of Thunderbolt™ 4’s support for a total 8K of display resolution, including the ability to daisy-chain two 4K2K resolution monitors for those users who need it to maximize their productivity.

This is just one aspect of Thunderbolt™ 4’s high-bandwidth capabilities. It is a protocol that can dynamically adjust data and video bandwidth, depending on the device or application. Furthermore, it’s future-proof in that it is now the basis of the USB4 specification. Thunderbolt™ 4 products will use the same underlying protocol specification to improve compatibility with USB-C based products.

Thunderbolt™ 4 provides truly universal I/O connectivity and is the most complete and future-proof version of USB-C. This means the Philips 279P2MRX monitor is able to effortlessly connect more input sources than ever before, while also providing HDMI 2.0 and DisplayPort 1.4 ports, and 4 USB 3.2 ports.

Thunderbolt™ 4 provides the most advanced single-cable docking solution available. With up to 40 Gbps for data and video it provides more video and data bandwidth.