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Philips Announces iF and Red Dot Award-Winning Moda LCD Monitor 279C9

By Philips Monitors, 24 Jun 2020.

Combining high-performance features with ergonomic comfort, model 279C9 for both work and play has already won two of the world’s most prestigious design awards for 2020 – iF and Red Dot.

Award-Winning Moda LCD Monitor 279C9

New onto the market is the iF and Red Dot Award-winning and best-in-class Philips 27-inch 279C9 frameless 4K monitor, a member of Philips’ C-Line of Moda models, which combine fashionable aesthetics and good looks with thoroughly efficient functionality.

Completely bezel-less design

The completely bezel-less design, frameless on all four sides, is unusual, but results in a true-flat user viewing experience that is well suited to multi-monitor set-ups and the seamless tiling of applications. Designed for creators, the 279C9 offers high visual impact and color brilliance in combination with a unique tilt, swivel, height-adjustable and pivot system that provides maximum user flexibility. This blend of high-performance, convenience and user comfort will appeal to prosumer as well as lifestyle working environments.

The globally-renowned Red Dot and iF Awards recognize products that display high quality, innovation and cutting-edge design. The prestigious Red Dot Award, for instance, can be won only by a product that shows a winning combination of features across a number of categories, including functionality; ergonomics; quality; and degree of innovation.

A combination of features

Key to the 279C9’s position as an award-winner is the monitor’s combination of immersive viewing experience, provided by a VESA-certified DisplayHDR 400 display that consistently delivers superb, ultra-clear 4K picture quality, and an ultra-slim cutting-edge design that is bezel-less on all four sides. As well, the 279C9 offers an innovative ‘SmartErgoBase’ and the convenience of a single USB-C cable for both charging and data.

Wide-viewing angle monitor

The 279C9’s IPS LED wide-view technology for image and color accuracy supports viewing angles of 178° for an optimum user experience, while natively supporting 4K UHD resolution (3840 x 2160), to deliver ultra-clear, detailed images for graphics applications or a financial wizard working on huge spreadsheets, immediately enlarging the range of compatible video entertainment.

Described as a 4K2K monitor, the extremely versatile 279C9 monitor has been designed for versatile productivity, with a powerful array of convenience features and a design edge that will appeal to a range of consumers, including media content creators.

The convenience of USB-C

Model 279C9 features a USB type-C connector that supports the Power Delivery standard. With intelligent and flexible power management, users can charge compatible laptops directly, with the slim, reversible USB-C allowing an easy, one-cable data and power connection. This means users who like to multitask can enjoy high-resolution video while transferring data at blazing speed and powering up and re-charging a notebook at the same time, or enabling convenient and direct output from a smartphone to the monitor. HDMI 2.0 and DisplayPort connectivity are also supported, allowing the attachment of a range of devices.

Convenience of USB-C

Designed for comfortable productivity

The new 279C9 with four-sided borderless design suits for multi-display or tiling setups, such as for gaming, graphic design and professional applications, which gives you the feeling of using one large display.

The SmartErgoBase of this monitor enables people-friendly ergonomic adjustments, including swivel, tilt, rotation through 90°, allowing the monitor to be used in either a vertical or horizontal orientation, and height adjustment through 130 mm. The monitor’s Flicker-Free technology, plus a LowBlue Mode, mitigating the effects of short-wavelength blue light, help to reduce eye strain and fatigue after a long workday. Cable management reduces cable clutter and keeps the workspace neat and professionally productive.