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Optimized Comfort with SmartErgoBase

By Philips Monitors, 01 Sep 2020.

Philips Monitors is known for superior image quality and performance, but in designing our products, we also take ergonomics into careful consideration.

Globally, some of the biggest complaints among office workers are shoulder strain and lower back pain, which stem from enduring long hours in uncomfortable positions in front of their computer each day. Therefore, ergonomics, or the study of people in their work environment, is a crucial aspect of product design.

Safeguarding wellbeing in the office with Philips Monitors

Our solution is the innovative SmartErgoBase, which was designed to ease the physical strain of a long workday. Current models that feature the SmartErgoBase are 221S1AE, 242S1AE, 272S1AE, 245B1, 275B1, 325B1L, 328B1, 326P1H and 329P1H.

Philips Monitors is dedicated to helping you create a safe, comfortable, and productive working environment.

People-friendly ergonomics for maximum comfort and higher productivity

Our goal is to help create safe, comfortable, and ultimately productive working environments. Therefore, Philips Monitors are designed to fit the people that use them. However, one size does not always fit all. So how can the same display monitor meet the requirements of different bodies?

The answer is SmartErgoBase, a ‘people friendly’ Philips monitor base that not only tilts and swivels, but also height adjusts. This means each person that uses the monitor can position it to their personal preference for maximum viewing comfort and efficiency.

With SmartErgoBase, you can change the orientation and angle of your monitor to suit your needs.

Pivot and swivel

Should you need a different orientation to gain a better view of a document or image, SmartErgoBase enables you to pivot or rotate the screen to 90 degrees, so you can use the monitor in either the landscape or portrait mode. And if you want a different viewing angle, the SmartErgoBase makes it possible for you to swivel the screen to 180 degrees for added flexibility.

Tilt and adjust the height of the SmartErgoBase so you can get more comfortable at work.

To help you achieve your ideal monitor position, a built-in mechanism in the SmartErgoBase permits the monitor to tilt backwards and forwards (between 5 and 25 ~ 35 degrees), as well as height adjusts between 130 mm and 180 mm depending on the model.

Cable management for a clean setup

To help you maintain a tidy and professional workspace, Philips’ SmartErgoBase comes with cable management to reduce desktop clutter. This simple yet intimate design organizes and hides away the cables and wires that are needed to operate the display device.

Maintain a tidy and professional workspace with our SmartErgoBase’s cable management.

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