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Introducing the Brilliantly Interactive Display with SmoothTouch

By Philips Monitors, 01 May 2019.

At the mention of “monitor”, what usually comes to mind is a computer display attached to a system unit, with a keyboard, mouse, maybe even a pair of speakers, and microphone.

Here comes Philips Monitors with its new Touch Monitor to change the way we use our displays. If you are in retail, hospitality, F&B and similar industries, this is something that should interest you.

Not your ordinary touch screen monitor

Philips Touch Monitor comes in Full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution for crisp visual that shows sharp details on screen, including text. Philips Monitors has always been passionate about picture quality, and it is no different with Touch Monitor, so you can also expect true-to-life visuals.

Full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution.

Full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution.

Built with IP54 standard touch front panel that is water and dust-resistant, it means that the Philips Touch Monitor is designed with various environmental conditions in mind, such as in busy restaurants.

To cater to a higher demand for touch monitors that are used in point-of-information (POI) or education, there is Full HD with Mega DCR, whereby its dynamic contrast ratio produces even more vivid colors and visuals.

A smoother touch

No doubt, touch displays are not totally new in the market. However, what Philips Touch Monitor brings to the table is intuitive 10-point touch for smoother navigation across the surface, from using a stylus on screen for signature, drawing or note making, to selection of items from the system.

SmoothTouch technology utilizing Projected-Capacitive touch.

SmoothTouch technology utilizing Projected-Capacitive touch.

Rediscover the joy of working on Philips Touch Monitor’s SmoothTouch technology that utilizes Projected-Capacitive (P-Cap) touch, supporting up to ten points touch, and witness how your productivity improves by leaps and bounds.

Eye wellbeing

If work requires you to look at the screen for long hours, rest assured that Philips Touch Monitor comes with anti-glare and low reflection, particularly optimized for eye comfort.

Philips Monitors is a company that cares for the wellbeing of users, and champions for eye care technologies such as flicker-free, EasyRead Mode and LowBlue Mode. Do these sound familiar to you? Of course! The good news is that these are all features that have been included in the Philips Touch Monitor, too.

That “perfect” angle

That’s not all! Philips Touch Monitor comes with an adjustable stand, to fit angles, and also for comfortable height adjustment, tilt and more, for that ideal angle for touch navigation.

Ergonomic adjustable stand.

Ergonomic adjustable stand.

Not only is your eye comfort taken care of, so are your neck and shoulders, with the capabilities of the ergonomic adjustable stand. For the flexibility of custom setups, there is the VESA mount, at 100mm × 100mm mounting interface, to rely on.

Extend your devices

There may be instances when a touch monitor is insufficient to meet your needs. Don’t worry! Philips Touch Monitor offers multi-connection, which means that you can seamlessly connect your monitor to another device, thanks to its DisplayPort, USB and HDMI for universal digital connectivity.

Say “Hello” to Philips Monitors 222B9T

Simply put, 222B9T from the Philips B Line is a business monitor designed to meet all your professional requirements, bearing in mind the need for users to be productive without compromising on comfort, convenience and quality of life at work.

Philips Touch Monitor 222B9T.

Philips Touch Monitor 222B9T.

If environmental impact is a concern for you, too, do note that Philips Monitors B Line business monitors range is energy-efficient and compliant with some environment certifications. In short, these monitors, including 222B9T, are purposely designed and built with reduced environmental impact.

Learn about Philips Touch Monitor 222B9T.