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Professional Use

New Philips Portable Monitor 16B1P3300

Enabling users to work and play while on the go.

Professional Use

Just the Right Monitor for Hybrid Work

Portable display 16B1P3300 is the ideal business solution.

Professional Use

Philips Monitor 27B1U7903 Mini LED Display Brilliance

Offers mini LED with Thunderbolt 4™ connectivity at a blistering 40Gbps

Professional Use

2-in-1 EasyRead Display: Unique Combo of Monitor and E-Ink Display

24B1D5600 balances multiple contents with minimal interior and eco-footprint

Green & Healthy

A Monitor For a More Comfortable and Healthy Working Environment

Business monitor 276B1JH fulfils an important requirement for you and your team.

Home Use

6 Ways This UltraClear Monitor Gets Your Best Work Done

Your design team can do so much more with the utmost visual clarity of 328B1.

Green & Healthy

Truly Sustainable Productivity Coupled with Excellent Performance: the 24” Philips 242B1G

One of the greenest monitors is here: the Philips 242B1G (23.8″ / 60.5 cm) is designed for sustainable productivity and addressed to ecologically-minded professionals. This eco-friendly monitor from the Philips monitors’ B Line delivers a new level of power saving in addition to ease of use and visual comfort (the Full HD IPS panel delivers exceptional color accuracy and wide viewing angles), ensuring peak performance every day while respecting the environment.

Home Use

Philips 21:9 Displays Deliver ‘Work and Play in One’

Enhanced productivity and entertainment.

Professional Use

Master Multi-tasking with MultiView

Being adept at multi-tasking is crucial in the business world. To give you an edge when you tackle multiple complex tasks, our 345B1C is an ultra-high resolution display monitor featuring MultiView technology.

Professional Use

Protect Yourself from Visual Hacking

If you work in an open-planned office, security can be an issue. Onlookers may be able to view confidential, sensitive, or private data that you wish to keep secure. To help prevent visual hacking, our 242B1V monitor is especially designed with Philips Privacy Mode.