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How a good monitor adds value to daily life

By Philips Monitors, 13 Feb 2020.

Ask yourself, “What do I want out of a display monitor?” For the savvy consumers of today, expectations often go beyond essential features and excellent performance.

They also expect a display monitor to add value to their daily lives and help them to lead the lives they desire – one that is efficient, productive, well balanced and sustainable. Find out how our 241B7QUPBEB monitor was designed with you in mind, with features like USB docking, IPS technology, LowBlue Mode, Flicker-free, Power Sensor and more.

Get equipped with the right monitor to be even more productive.

Efficient productivity

If your goal is to become more efficient and productive in your working life, the 241B7QUPBEB monitor is an ideal ally for achieving these targets. Equipped with IPS technology,  this Full HD monitor adds value to your working experience by giving you crisp images and vivid color, as well as wide viewing angles of 178/178 degree. These features are crucial for work on professional applications that require accuracy and consistency.

To help you get the most out of your tasks and projects, this model also comes with a built-in USB-C dock, which easily connects peripherals to your monitor.  You can also connect your notebook to the monitor via a single, reversible USB-C cable, which will transfer data at high speed. The cable will even power up or charge your notebook at the same time, saving you precious time.

Make the smart choice by selecting a display monitor with eye care technologies.

Cares for wellbeing

Being productive isn’t just about doing more within a shorter amount of time. It can also be about developing better working habits that will improve your wellbeing in the long run. This is where the 241B7QUPBEB shines yet again, adding value by caring for your wellbeing, specifically your eyes and vision.

Flicker-free and LowBlue Mode are Philips’ eye care technologies that prevent eye fatigue and offers easy on-the-eyes productivity respectively. They enable you to fully dedicate yourself to work without worrying about the possibility of eye strain or damage. To offer you even more visual comfort, this model comes with EasyRead mode for a paper-like reading experience, without uncomfortable glare.

PowerSensor is a sustainable solution for reducing your energy costs and carbon footprint.

Offers sustainable solutions

As society becomes increasingly aware of the importance of sustainability, consumers are looking for ways to make sustainable choices a part of their daily lives. The 241B7QUPBEB continues to add value by making it easy for you to embrace sustainable practices with its PowerSensor feature. Able to detect if a user is present, PowerSensor will automatically dim the monitor’s brightness when no one is there. This can saves up to 80% energy costs! Another sustainable feature is this monitor’s packaging, which is 100% recyclable.

Thanks to its sleek design, this monitor is an ideal addition to a home or office.

Reflects good taste

Aesthetics, which is the appreciation of art, beauty and good taste, are a significant part of the human experience. Understanding this, we have taken measures to ensure this model is a valuable addition to your surroundings through good design and user-friendliness.

For example, you’ll appreciate the narrow borders of this display, which gives it a truly seamless appearance. Meanwhile, its sleek SmartErgoBase enables people-friendly ergonomic adjustments to suit your individual needs. And last, but not least, built-in stereo speakers allows for multimedia that is easy to experience.

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