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Green tech in display monitors

By Philips Monitors, 01 Aug 2019.

Human activity has made a huge, but harmful impact on the Earth, which is why eco-friendly technology or ‘green tech’ is highly sought after in today’s eco-conscious society.

Let us introduce you to the 241B7QGJEB monitor, which is helping to preserve the environment through the use of recycled and recyclable content, energy efficiency, reduction of harmful pollutants and multi-functionality.

The 241B7QGJEB is designed to be eco-friendly and energy efficient.

Recycled and recyclable materials

The 241B7QGJEB monitor significantly reduces the use of new plastics by incorporating 85% post-consumer recycled plastics in its manufacture. In addition, its packing materials is made of paper cushions, which is biodegradable and can be recycled, instead of EPE or Expanded polyethylene, which is not as eco-friendly.

The 241B7QGJEB’s PowerSensor feature enables you to cut energy costs by 80%.

Energy efficiency

This Full HD LCD monitor is designed for sustainable productivity and super-energy-efficiency. The 241B7QGJEB’s power-efficient feature uses new LED backlight technology which maintains brightness and colour using significantly less energy, enabling it to achieve a higher energy class and an EU EEI rating of A++. This monitor is also equipped with a PowerSensor, which is  built-in ‘people sensor’ that can determine if the user is present and then automatically reduces monitor brightness when then user steps away from the desk. This cuts energy costs by up to 80 percent, prolonging monitor life and saving energy.

The  241B7QGJEB is built to be free from harmful pollutants that are bad for you and the environment.

Reduction of harmful pollutants

Harmful pollutants are a cause for concern, as they endanger the health of consumers and the environment if they were to leech into the air, water or ground. The 241B7QGJEB is built to be lead free, mercury free and halogen free, making it safe from those harmful pollutants. In addition, this monitor’s housing is free of PVC-BFR (Polyvinyl Chloride and Brominated Flame Retardants), thus eliminating EDCs (endocrine disrupting chemicals).


Products that are multifunctional help eliminate the need for separate products to carry out different tasks. This saves space, offers speed, provides flexibility and also creates less waste in the long run. The  241B7QGJEB is equipped with IPS technology for full colours, extra-wide viewing angles of 178/178 degrees and remarkably crisp images. This makes It ideal for photos, films, web browsing and professional applications that demand colour accuracy and consistent brightness at all times.

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