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Good value meets outstanding performance

By Philips Monitors, 01 Nov 2019.

If you’re in the market for a display monitor for personal use that offers good value and outstanding performance, look no further than the 275E9.

This Quad HD monitor from our E Line is a synergy of superb picture quality at 2560 x 1440 pixels, stunning color with Ultra Wide-Color and smooth performance thanks to AMD FreeSync™ technology. Its powerful performance is matched by its stunning good looks, featuring the Zero Bezel for an expansive picture without distractions.

Enjoy Crystalclear images with the 275E9’s high-performance panel with high-density pixel count.

Superb picture quality

If you’ve been saving up for a monitor upgrade, but you’re not quite sure which one to get, consider the Philips 275E9 monitor. Excellent in value and performance, it is one of the outstanding monitors from our E Line. Developed with home users in mind, the 275E9 measures 27-inches, offering a generous monitor size for daily use.

Its main feature, however, is its high-performance panels, which are all about the pixels. At 2560 x 1440 resolution, the high-density pixel count of this Quad HD monitor makes your images and graphics come alive. The remarkable crispness you’ll enjoy is also contributed in part by the monitor’s IPS display, which utilizes advanced technology to provide you with extra-wide viewing angles of 178/178. This enables you to enjoy distortion-free images from almost any angle.

This extraordinary picture performance is what we call Crystalclear, and it’s not only for casual use like photos, movies, and web browsing. This monitor will easily hold its own against professional applications, like extremely-detailed CAD-CAM solutions, demanding 3D graphic software or huge financial spreadsheets.

Stunning color with Ultra Wide-Color

Besides crisp images and consistent brightness, color accuracy is another factor in display monitors that we can’t do without. Here’s where the 275E9 monitor shines yet again, as it features Ultra Wide-Color Technology that delivers a wider spectrum of colors. The result is more natural-looking greens, vivid reds and deeper blues that will bring your media, entertainment, images, and even productivity to life.

With the 275E9, you also get a monitor that’s great for smooth gaming!

Smooth performance that cares for your vision

If you enjoy doing a bit of gaming during your downtime, you’ll really appreciate the 275E9 monitor’s AMD FreeSync™ technology. By eliminating common annoyances like choppy gameplay and broken frames, this technology gives you fluid, artifact-free performance at virtually any framerate. The smooth quick refresh and ultra-fast response will be a big boost when you’re playing your favorite games, giving you an edge against the competition.

And with all the time that you’re spending at the computer for work or play, you’d want to spare a thought about your wellbeing. We now know that shortwave blue light rays from screens can be harmful and cause eye damage, while screen flickering can cause eye fatigue and strain. To care for your vision, the 275E9 incorporates Philips’ LowBlue Mode setting, which uses smart software technology to reduce harmful shortwave blue light. This model also includes Philips’ Flicker-free Technology, which applies a new solution to regulate brightness and reduce flicker for more comfortable viewing.

The sleek look of the 275E9 monitor, with its Zero Bezel design, is a wonderful addition to any interior.

Stunning good looks

To bring all the elements of the 275E9 monitor together, we’ve ensured that its outer design complements its powerful inner performance. For a sleek and modern look, this model showcases a Zero Bezel design, which provides an expansive picture without distractions. By eliminating the surrounding frame, the 275E9 provides a virtually seamless look that’s especially great for multi-monitor setups. This model also goes further by providing superior viewing in a stylish design, thanks to its EasyRead mode, which affords you a paper-like reading experience.

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