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Get your best work done with Crystalclear vision

By Philips Monitors, 28 Feb 2020.

You continually invest a lot of time and energy to make your home the best that it can be. So, when the time comes to equip your home office, your best option is a display monitor that helps you to get your best work done.

The 245B1 display monitor combines the visual clarity of Crystalclear Quad HD and IPS technology with people-friendly features like LowBlue Mode, Flicker-free, SmartErgoBase and PowerSensor to improve comfort, productivity and sustainability.

Comfort and wellbeing are essential to productivity.

Lifestyle features for comfort

Comfort is such an important aspect of working life, yet it is often overlooked in favor of productivity. However, in truth, comfort is crucial for work productivity and overall wellbeing. At Philips Monitors, your comfort and wellbeing are just as important to us as product performance. Therefore, we take pride in providing you with innovative solutions to achieve a better working environment. The 245B1 monitor is equipped with TUV-certified eye care technologies that are designed to lessen discomfort while you work.

While LowBlue Mode filters out potentially damaging shortwave blue light, Flicker-free reduces screen flickering that can cause eye fatigue. Other user-centric features include a SmartErgoBase that enables ergonomic adjustments, built-in speakers for media that are handy and lessens clutter on your desk, as well as EasyRead mode, which gives you a paper-like reading experience.

Together, this combination of features provides the right setting for a healthier work environment that can help you achieve your best work consistently.

Deliver your best visuals with the 245B1’s Crystalclear Quah HD.

Crystalclear clarity for productivity

The measure of a monitor is often gauged through the quality of the images it displays. This 23.8” model from our B Line features Crystalclear Quad HD, with 2560 x 1440 pixels to deliver excellent visual performance. For even more space and clarity for your work, the 245B1 comes with IPS technology for full colors and wide viewing angles, as well as SmartImage presets for easy optimized image settings.

You’ll appreciate the sustainable features of this monitor, like its PowerSensor and LightSensor.

Intelligent features for sustainability and a bit of fun

When we designed the 245B1 monitor, we worked towards meeting global environmental standards. In order to promote sustainability and to make it a natural part of your working life, we have incorporated a PowerSensor that saves up to 70% energy costs. It does so by sensing if you are present and dimming the monitor when you step away. And with LightSensor, this model will automatically sense the light levels in your work space and adjusts accordingly for the perfect brightness with minimal power.

What about the fun we mentioned? If you game in your free time, this model’s Adaptive-Sync technology will give you fluid, artefact-free performance and effortlessly smooth action when you need it. After all, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy!

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