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Elevating the home with an innovative display

By Philips Monitors, 01 Oct 2019.

When it comes to the modern home, display monitors now have to do double duty as a tool for both work and entertainment. One of the newest models from our Momentum Line, the curved 325M8C, combines innovations that deliver the best picture quality and an incredible immersive experience. It's all packaged in a leading-edge design to elevate your home.


The 325M8C elevates the home with its stylish design and powerful performance as a flexible display for professional work and home entertainment.

The picture quality your family deserves

When a display monitor serves various functions in the home, one thing's for sure - it must have good picture quality. This is especially important if a member of the family works on demanding professional applications, like graphic design, video editing or content making. But that's not all, during non-working hours, the monitor also needs to provide immersive viewing for movies, videos, games and the like. A tall order? Not for the 325M8C!
The 325M8C is a curved monitor that ticks those boxes and more. Its Quad HD (2560 x 1440) display provides Crystalclear images, while its VA display uses advanced multi-domain vertical alignment technology to deliver super-high static contrast ratios. This translates into extra vivid and bright images for you and the whole family to enjoy.
This monitor also provides an ample 31.5" size, which offers room to spread out. Meanwhile, its 1500 radius curve makes viewing more immersive, while its optimized pixel management technology gives 178/178 degree extra wide viewing angles. This means visuals will look their best from virtually any angle.

Built for fast action

As a powerhouse, the 325M8C monitor handles standard office applications with ease, making it perfect for home office usage. But what if you wanted to up the ante and play competitive games? Worry not, because this monitor packs a punch with Adaptive-Sync technology for effortlessly smooth action, and 144Hz refresh rates for flawlessly smooth and brilliant images. We've even included SmartImage, which is a game mode we've optimized especially for gamers and 1ms MPRT for fast response, crisp images and smooth gameplay. When combined, these features work together to bring you a top gaming experience in the comfort of your own home.

From watching movies to playing competitive games, the 325M8C makes an excellent display for home entertainment.

Get comfortable

The 325M8C monitor is a leading-edge design, because not only does it look stylish and futuristic, it was created to enhance the senses. However, we've learned that enhanced senses alone aren't enough, consumers today need more. We're talking about technology that cares for you and the members of your household.

To ensure this monitor is user-friendly, we've included LowBlue Mode, which reduces harmful shortwave blue light for easy on-the-eyes productivity, as well as Flicker-free technology for less eye strain and eye fatigue. In addition, this monitor's screen tilts to your ideal, individualized viewing angle. There'll be no more neck craning or bad postures, which will help prevent shoulder and back aches.

How's that for pulling a double duty? The 325M8C monitor offers performance, flexibility and much more, elevating your home to a new level of tech savviness.

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