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Boosting business productivity with Daisy Chain

By Philips Monitors, 01 Sep 2019.

We often hear people lament that 24 hours a day is insufficient. Well, the number of minutes in a day is not something that we can change, but we can surely look for ways to make the best use of our time.

Whether it’s automation or computerization, it is a matter of searching for a solution that works best for us.

In an office environment, one of the smartest solutions to adopt in order to streamline work and reduce the time needed to accomplish it is probably daisy chaining.

Philips Monitors displays with the ability to Daisy Chain.

In comes this series of Philips Monitors displays featuring Daisy Chain technology, designed for convenience and innovation at our fingertips: 241B7QUPBEB, 241B7QUBHEB, 272B7QUPBEB, and 272B7QUBHEB.

DisplayPort cable

It’s not magic, but a single DisplayPort cable can do two things: expand the view by linking monitors and having each display showing a different visual, OR replicate screens to show the same view. By doing so, the user can see as much as possible in just one look, thus getting work done faster, smoother and conveniently. The best thing about extending the monitor via Daisy Chain feature is that it is done seamlessly, and without compromising on visual quality.

One is not enough

In today’s world, whether for work or leisure, technology is so advanced that we need to catch up in order to progress faster.

Screen replication via DisplayPort.

Therefore, there are times we need to do it by using more than one monitor. Examples would be when reading large spreadsheets, comparing two lengthy documents, creative production, or even playing certain games. View all opened programs in a single glance, or even drag applications from one monitor to another, easily.

Clutter-free workstation

By using merely one cable, say goodbye to the frustrations of tangled cables, dust traps, and general mess. Studies have shown that a tidy desk increases productivity and promotes creativity, hence providing a more conducive work environment. A neater workstation equals to a clearer, more focused mind.

Simplifying connections

DisplayPort is not the only wonder feature in this range of displays because these monitors are also equipped with USB-C docking station with power delivery. Its slim and reversible USB-C connector allows for one-cable docking seamlessly. This means that you can connect your electronic peripherals such as keyboard, mouse and Ethernet cable to the monitor with just one cable.

Simplify connections with USB-C docking station.

Moreover, when you transfer data from laptop to computer at ultra-fast speeds, you can keep your compatible laptop charging during the process.

Windows Hello™ webcam

241B7QUBHEB, 272B7QUPBEB, and 272B7QUBHEB all come with the innovative and secure Windows Hello™ pop-up webcam. Answering the concerns that webcam users have of its security risks, this webcam pops up when it is needed, and can be securely tucked back into the monitor when not in use.

The secured Windows Hello™ pop-up webcam.

Moreover, Windows Hello™ pop-up webcam comes with advanced facial recognition sensors that securely logs in the user into his or her Windows devices in under a couple of seconds, three times faster than using the conventional password method.

With all of these features to promote efficiency in the office, these monitors are possibly the smartest investment for any business, large or small.

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