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Benefits of a touch screen monitor

By Philips Monitors, 01 Dec 2019.

From mobile phones to tablets and ATM machines, we have become quite accustomed to the ease of touch screens. Interactive, fast and easy to use, touch screen monitors have a multitude of applications, such as room or home automation, point of sales systems at retail or F&B outlets, information terminals in public spaces and more.

The Philips 242B9T is a brilliant interactive display with SmoothTouch that offers a wide range of benefits including flexible and intuitive usage, fluid and accurate performance, as well as user-friendly features.

Due to its image clarity, the 242B9T makes an ideal information terminal in public areas.

Enhanced visuals in Full HD

The Philips 242B9T touch screen monitor is designed to be brilliantly interactive, yet simple and intuitive to use across applications. But the measure of a display monitor, of course, is firstly in its clarity. To provide crisp details, high brightness, incredible contrast and realistic colors, this Full HD display comes with 16:9 aspect ratio and 1920 x 1080 resolution for a true-to-life picture.

Rich dark details with SmartContrast

The visuals of this monitor are further enhanced with SmartContrast, which analyzes the content appearing on screen. It automatically adjusts the colors and controls backlight intensity to dynamically enhance contrast for the best digital images and videos. SmartContrast also comes with Economy mode, which both lowers power usage and provides a just-right display suitable for everyday applications.

The 242B9T’s 10-point touch feature enables collaborations that increase productivity.

Fluid performance with SmoothTouch

One of the standout features of this Philips display is SmoothTouch, a 10-point touch technology that gives you a natural and fluid response. It enables you to touch-type with 10 fingers, making collaborations with others possible on this highly-interactive monitor, increasing your efficiency and productivity. The 242B9T also comes with a stylus to give you fluid and accurate performance with more control should you require it.

This touch screen monitor is both sturdy and flexible, thanks to its resistance to water and dust.

Designed to be robust

Need a touch screen monitor that will hold up to moisture and dust that happens in the everyday world? Rest assured, because the 242B9T’s front surface meets the Ingress Protection (IP) ratings, defined in international standard IEC/EN 60529. This standard is used to define levels of sealing effectiveness of electrical enclosures against intrusion from foreign bodies and moisture, meaning the 242B9T is both sturdy and flexible for various uses.

Z-type articulating stand for flexible adjustments

Features that care

To help you experience a healthier way to work and use monitors, Philips has developed technologies for your wellbeing, such as LowBlue Mode and Flicker-free. LowBlue Mode reduces harmful shortwave blue light that can cause eye damage and affect vision over time. Meanwhile, Flicker-free regulates brightness and reduces flicker to lessen eye fatigue for more comfortable viewing.

This model also features EasyRead mode, which provides a paper-like reading experience without unwanted glare on the screen. And last, but not least, this model comes with Philips SmartStand, a Z-type articulating stand that allows for flexible adjustments. The SmartStand enables you to adjust and use the monitor in various ergonomic positions, be it tilted, reclined backward, standing upright or almost flat on the table.

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