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A monitor to help you see and do more

By Philips Monitors, 16 Jan 2020.

Work can be demanding, we know it all too well. In order to deal with the pressure, you need more than just a good work ethic, you need a display monitor that can help you see and do more.

The 342B1C monitor is a curved UltraWide Full HD display that combines features like VA display, Multiview,  Adaptive-Sync technology, Flicker-free, LowBlue Mode and more to give you better views and even better productivity.

Expect nothing but superior image quality with the 342B1C.

So much more to see

Can better views on a display monitor lead to better productivity? We certainly believe so. Our 342B1C is a good example of a monitor that can help you see more and do more. Firstly, this curved UltraWide WFHD display measures 34″ with a 2560 x 1080 resolution. So not only does it provide you with a generous screen size, you will also enjoy crisp and clear images.

Due to its ample screen area and subtle 1500 R curvature, this display offers you a wrap-around view of your work. As an added bonus, this monitor’s VA display delivers wide viewing angles. You’ll especially appreciate this feature when you’re in a group discussion or team meeting. Everyone in the room will be able to view the monitor clearly, no matter where they’re seated.

Tackle complex tasks with ease with features like MultiView.

Work more efficiently

Philips Monitors understands the way you work, so to help you become more efficient, this model comes with features to help you achieve your best. If you want to work on multiple devices at the same time, like your PC and notebook for example, this model’s MultiView feature enables simultaneous dual connect and view. There’s also DisplayPort connection for maximum visuals, USB 3.2 for high-speed data transfer and HDMI for universal digital connectivity.

This monitor is an excellent centerpiece for a healthy work area.

Comfort comes first

At Philips Monitors, we believe that a display should exceed expectations. Not only should it perform well, it should also contribute to the user’s comfort and wellbeing. To protect your vision from damaging shortwave blue light and screen flickering, this model includes LowBlue Mode and Flicker-free technology. Eye strain is reduced even further with EasyRead mode, which gives a paper-like reading experience, while LightSensor will automatically adjust picture brightness depending on a room’s light conditions. This model’s compact Ergo Base ergonomic stand also tilts, swivels and height-adjusts, so each user can position the monitor for maximum viewing comfort and efficiency.

Here’s a monitor that helps you care for the environment with PowerSensor.

Designed for sustainability

Embracing sustainable practices, such as saving energy becomes so much easier with this B Line monitor. Its PowerSensor is a built-in ‘people sensor’ that can determine if you are at your desk. Once you step away, the monitor will automatically reduce its brightness to save up to 80% in energy costs. PowerSensor saves you money even further by prolonging the monitor’s lifespan.

Get your game on

If you work from home and use this monitor for gaming from time to time, you’ll be impressed by the effortlessly smooth action that its Adaptive-Sync technology offers. With smooth quick refresh and ultra-fast response time, choppy gameplay and broken frames become a thing of the past. Meanwhile, its 21:9 UltraWide format makes movies and games more immersive than ever.

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