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A monitor that looks out for you and your ecological footprint

By Philips Monitors, 28 Feb 2020.

Whether or not you have made a resolution for 2020, there is one thing we can unanimously agree on – We should start taking better care of ourselves and Mother Nature. The good news is, you can make a positive impact on both just by switching to a better monitor.

Find out how our 252B9 monitor’s innovative technologies can help to care for your wellbeing, while reducing your impact on waste creation and energy consumption.

This year, take your wellbeing more seriously by making small changes that can make a big impact.

Care for your wellbeing

There are many ways to care for your wellbeing, including eating healthier, exercising regularly and managing stress. But did you know that you can also care for yourself by changing your display monitor?

This small change can in fact make a big difference because a monitor like our 252B9 is expertly designed for the way you work. Firstly, it incorporates innovative eye care technologies like Flicker-free and LowBlue Mode, which lessen eye fatigue and make productivity much easier on the eyes.

Secondly, this model comes with SmartErgoBase, a sleek and sturdy stand that enables people-friendly ergonomic adjustments. And if your perfect set up means freeing up your desk space and mounting this monitor on a wall, this model’s VESA mount will allow for that.

Thirdly, you’ll appreciate this model’s glare-free EasyRead mode, which affords you a pleasant paper-like reading experience.

PowerSensor can help you make significant reductions on energy consumption and cost.

Energy efficiency

Climate change remains a hot topic and with good reason. While the debate rages on, our modern lives and reliance on technology have placed even greater demands on the energy sector, making it one of the largest sources of greenhouse gas emissions.

As a consumer, you can make a positive impact and reduce your carbon footprint by choosing energy-efficient office equipment like the 252B9 monitor, which is designed for sustainability.

Its built-in PowerSensor is a ‘people sensor’ that uses harmless infrared signals to determine if you are present at your desk and will automatically reduce the monitor’s brightness when you step away. PowerSensor will not only cut your energy consumption by up to 70%, it will also help reduce utility costs and prolong the monitor’s lifespan.

Another energy-efficient feature of this monitor is its 0 watt hard switch. In order to completely cut-off your monitor from AC power, you only need to flick the 0 watt hard switch that is located conveniently at the back of the monitor. This simple act results in zero power consumption, reducing your energy consumption and carbon footprint even further.

Waste reduction

Did you know that all the plastic mankind has ever made still exists today? Plastics are filling up landfills, polluting the oceans and endangering marine life. Now, more than ever, it is important that we reduce single-use plastics.

In our effort to reduce waste, we designed the 252B9 monitor with 100% recycled packing material. Recycling not only helps to reduce energy consumption and conserve resources, but also reduces air and water pollution.

Enjoy clear vision that goes beyond boundaries with IPS technology and a 16:10 aspect ratio.

Clear vision

We’ve talked about how this monitor helps you to care for yourself and the environment, now let’s look at its primary function as a digital display. Thanks to its 16:10 aspect ratio, it gives you more vertical screen height, while its IPS technology provides full colors and wide viewing angles for a truly clear vision.

In short, this monitor is the total package. It’s one that you can depend on for visual clarity and performance, as well as caring features that make your tech use pleasurable and responsible.

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