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5 ways this Philips Monitor enhances your work at home experience

By Philips Monitors, 17 Jun 2020.

If a display monitor is something that you use for work almost every day, then it is vital that you choose the right one to outfit your home office. Not only will the right monitor impact your work, but it will also enable you to do your best work!

The 288E2A is an UltraClear 4K UHD monitor that delivers stunning visuals in life-like Ultra Wide-Color. It also combines elegant style and convenient functionality with the added bonus of eye care technologies that make work much more comfortable.

Experience and deliver true image precision with this monitor’s Ultra-clear 4K UHD.

1. Clarity and quality for your best work

Working from home is fast becoming the new norm, and the 288E2A monitor is an ideal companion for it. By utilizing high-performance panels, this monitor delivers Ultra-clear 4K UHD resolution with 3840 x 2160 pixels, which enables you to achieve professional results in the comfort of your own home.

By incorporating IPS LED wide view technology, this monitor can also be depended on for image and color quality. Not only will these solutions for image clarity and accuracy ensure that your images and graphics will come to vivid life. Even the most demanding professionals will obtain the extremely detailed and consistent results that they require.

Colors become richer and more natural with Ultra Wide-Color.

2. Stunning color for your creations

Besides unconstrained visuals, this Philips E Line monitor will also enable you to experience true color. Its Ultra Wide-Color technology is designed to give you a wider spectrum of colors for a more brilliant picture with rich, natural hues.

And thanks to this monitor’s 1.07 billion colors, you will also experience the outstanding color depth and the finest gradation, which are vital to any critical work with graphics applications. Meanwhile, SmartContrast gives you rich, black details for better contrast. This stunning color and depth will make everything from media to productivity more lively.

MultiView enables you to tackle complex multi-tasking.

3. Multi-task with ease

At Philips, we believe that display monitors must be usable and contribute to productivity. If you frequently have to work on multiple devices like a PC and notebook, this 28″ Philips monitor is well equipped for your most complex tasks. Its MultiView feature enables simultaneous dual connect and view, so you can work on both devices at the same time with ease.

This monitor cares for your eyes with Flicker-free and LowBlue Mode.

4. A comfortable way to work

Be it at the office or at home, you work hard each day to get the job done on time. Your eyes need not pay the price though. The give you a more comfortable viewing experience, we have included Flicker-free technology to prevent eye fatigue and LowBlue Mode technology to shield your eyes from the harmful effects of shortwave blue light.

Cut the clutter with this monitor’s hidden cable management.

5. A cleaner workspace

Tired of looking at and tidying up desk clutter? This monitor’s stand provides a simple yet elegant solution for cable management, as its elongated slot provides hidden storage for your cables. Meanwhile, its built-in stereo speakers, which are great for multimedia, also helps you keep a more organized-looking desk.

In the spirit of keeping things nice and neat, this monitor’s EasySelect menu toggle key will give you easy and quick access to the on-screen menu.

Bonus feature for gamers!

When office hours are over and it is time for some hard-earned downtime, this monitor pulls double duty as a gaming monitor. With its SmartImage game mode, it ensures your best gaming performance. Specifically optimized for gamers, this quick access OSD offers multiple options like “FPS” mode (First person shooting),  “Racing” mode, and “RTS” mode (Real-time strategy). You can even save customized settings for different games.

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